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  • Pay per Click

    • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
      PPC (or paid advertising) is the practice of bidding for relevant search keywords and phrases within your industry which would lead customers to your website through text or display ads. PPC is great if you want to drive fast traffic on your website, and is a great compliment to SEO.
    • How Does This Work?
      Let’s say you want to shout about a new product or service to the world. We can bid for the most popular keywords that best describe your product, design an advert to include the keywords and you only pay for the advert when someone “clicks” on the advert and lands on your website. PPC is great if you want to drive fast traffic on your website, and is a fantastic compliment to SEO
    • What We Offer
      Account Management: Including competitor analysis, optimising the use of keywords so as to reduce your cost to acquire a lead and choosing parts of the day when there is most traffic for your product or service.
    • Facebook Advertising
      Facebook makes most of its money through adverts. Here’s an example: A business creates an advert Facebook gets paid to deliver the advert. The right people see the advert.
    • LinkedIn Advertising
      Acquire New Customers for Your Business. Reach your exact audience with LinkedIn Ads. We can create and manage your Linkedin advertising campaign.
    • Keyword Management
      This includes keyword research (the keywords that obtain the best cost per conversion), creating relevant Ad Groups so that your message is always relevant to the search keywords and a full management of your account.
    • Reporting
      Reporting and analytics to measure how well your campaign is doing, make changes to optimise conversions where necessary and measuring success and ROI.
  • Mobile PPC

    Think visibility on mobiles isn’t as important as desktop? Think again.

    The way we browse the Internet, search and are marketed to is changing. We don’t need to ‘wait’ to find out information; it’s literally at our fingertips.Mobile is notoriously used in the ‘research’ phase of consumers’ purchase funnel. To many that seems like a waste, if you only want to appear for purchase or very targeted, high intent keywords, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of more conversions for not appearing to users who are in research mode. Once they’ve searched on mobiles and found what they’re looking for, they’ll often type in brand names into their laptops or PCs and how can they know your brand if they don’t see you during ‘research’ phase.Whatsmore, many advertisers are not even placing ads on mobiles for their desktop keywords. If your audience is on desktop, you can be sure as hell that they’ll be on mobile too!

    Here are some of the key ingredients to making PPC on mobiles work for you:

    You only have three positions to chose from, make sure you appear and make it count with mobile ad copy and call to actions.If budget is a constraint when it comes to targeting mobiles I’ll initially look to target key areas by your businesses location(s) or locations where your main users search.Whatsmore, by only targeting your peak times of day, we can make the most of your visibility on mobiles.To summarise, show on mobiles to get more conversions! Simples!If you’re an agency looking for a freelance, performance orientated PPC and Social Media Expert please contac us

  • Remarketing for Search

    Like Display advertising but only targeted to those who have previously visited your website.

    By using a special tracking code and placing cookies on the computers of people who have previously visited your site you can use remarketing to entice these users to convert – seeing as they already expressed an interest in your offering previously.

    Here’s a common scenario:

    • A user clicks on your PPC in ad in Google.
    • They land on your website but for some reason don’t convert (take any desirable action: e.g. buy or complete a form).
    • The same user continues to browse the net for the same product or service, indicating they are still ‘researching’ for what they’r looking for.
    • This time when the user sees your PPC ad again, (tailored to perhaps a more engaging message – e.g. offering a discount) they are compelled to click on the ad, go through to your site again and convert.

    Here’s why remarketing for search is so effective:

    • Convert browsers to buyers:
      A user added a dress that you sell on your website into their shopping cart but left before checking out. With display remarketing you can show an advert with the abandoned dress to that user as they browse other websites later on.
    • More brand exposure through showcasing other products and services:
      A user just purchased that dress from your site. Show them similar products that you sell through remarketing e.g. a jacket or shoes to go with the dress.
    • Up sell and cross sell to converted users:
      You’ve just sold flights to Cuba, now display ads for a hotel and tour within the vicinity too.Remarketing lists can be set-up for both the display and search networks.
  • Display Advertising

    Display advertising allows you to show your ads on related websites e.g. new sites, blogs, review sites etc…

    If you sell cameras it makes sense for your display ads to appear on blogs about cameras and how to use them or review sites analysing the spec of the latest cameras. Display advertising comes in a variety of formats including: text ads on website, image ads on website (recommended), video ads on websites and ads on mobile websites. What’s more display advertising allows you to target your ads through:

    • Contextual targeting:
      Your audience see your ad exactly when they show interest in your offering. E.g. showing to users who are reading content directly related to what you’re selling. By the way, incase you were in doubt, the display network reaches 92% of Internet users. The other 8% well, they don’t matter!
    • Placement targeting:
      Know exactly which industry blogs and sites your users read? Choose to appear on these any other sites you’d specifically like to target with placement targeting. Whatsmore you can actually pinpoint relevant pages on certain sites and target certain users on certain sites by using both contextual and placement targeting together.
    • Remarketing:
      Follow people who have already expressed an interest in your business by visiting your website, around the web. This is your powerful second chance at clinching that sale by prompting to your users to take action since they were once interested in what you offered. Great for pushing users from research to purchase in the buying funnel.
    • Interest categories:
      These allow you to choose your niche, showing highly targeted ads to your audience as the surf the net. Interest categories are selected alongside other targeting criteria mentioned.
    • Topic targeting:
      A close cousin to interest categories but this time based on site classification as opposed to users interests. A great way to bundle relevant sites without having to target them individually.
    • Geographic and Language targeting:
      Are all English speakers world-wide your target market? Or perhaps only French speakers in London. Got an offer you only want to show to a specific audience within a 10 miles radius from you? Make your ads relevant by defining locations and languages.
    • Demographic targeting:
      A well know targeting method on the display network. Show your ads to users based on age and gender. E.g. baby clothing to women and mothers, luxury yachts to 50+ males, don’t waste your money targeting the wrong demographic.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    About Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing allows other websites or mobile platforms to market your products or services and you pay a reward for every sale generated from their efforts, usually a percentage of the value of the sale they generated.

    • Pay marketing costs after the sale has been made:
      Affiliate marketing reduces the fixed outgoings of your marketing campaign, you do not have to invest a large upfront budget, you only have to pay out when you know you have generated a sale.
    • The marketing spend generates a sale: guaranteed:
      If you properly structure and measure your affiliate programme you can guarantee that you only pay for sales, improving your marketing ROI.
    • Reach new markets:
      Using a well placed affiliate you can take your business to a completely new market with very limited risk. The chosen affiliate promotes your product or service and message at no cost to you and they get revenue if the campaign is a success. If the marketing message or market are not quite right you will find out and the overall cost of the campaign will be very low. Any sales generated, now or in the future, are a bonus!
    • Increase brand awareness:
      Get your brand mentioned and promoted in more places to increase customer recognition. This can increase direct or branded SEO traffic to your site or app, particularly when an affiliate marketing campaign is carried out in conjunction with social media, SEO, PPC and email marketing.
  • Microsoft BING PPC

    Not many people realise that Bing also has it’s own Pay Per Click system called “AdCentre” or “Bing Ads”.
    Bing Ads works in pretty much the sam way as Google Adwords, except the clicks are usually a lot cheaper…
    There are a lot less people advertising on Bing than Google which gives you the opportunity to pick up extra web traffic, especially good if your competitors aren’t taking advantage of Bing Ad’s.
  • Video PPC

    Why Use Video PPC

    It can be all too easy to assume that video is only useful for SEO, but it can also hold great benefits for your paid search campaign. Using Google AdWords, our Qualified Professionals can use the auction-based system to manage your video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network.Promoting your videos on Youtube and other display networks is an excellent way to extend the reach of your campaign, making sure as many potential customers see this as possible. It’s also a very cost-effective way of advertising, as you only pay when users view your ads.

    • Our Approach to Video PPC:
      YouTube is the world’s most popular video community, and the Google Display Network is the number one ad network reaching 62% of the UK online population each day- that’s 62% of your target audience. Our Google AdWords Qualified Professionals take advantage of innovative ad formats and comprehensive targeting tools in order to attract your audience.Our specialists are extremely experienced in all industries, having created successful video marketing and pay per click advertising accounts for a wide variety of satisfied clients.
    • Use Video Marketing in Your Landing Pages:
      One of the best ways to use video marketing within your paid search campaign is in your landing pages. Strong landing pages are integral for helping your visitors to convert and videos used here are perfect for product descriptions and demonstrations.Educate your audience on the products or services they are considering buying, let they know how to use them as well as some of your unique selling points. It provides yet another way of interacting with your audience and can significantly improve your conversion rates.
    • Optimise Your Videos:
      Whilst using video marketing within your PPC campaign is an excellent way to increase your exposure, Google cannot actually read your videos. This is why you need to provide Google with the correct information to be able to see what’s in your videos. Our experienced specialists can create the right meta-data to make sure your videos are being indexed properly.Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month, why not see how we could help you take advantage of this.
  • Google Adwords

    If you're using PPC Advertising, chances are you're wasting a lot of money and don't even know it. Don't settle for high costs and low conversion rates! Let our team of Certified Google AdWords Professionals eliminate wasteful spend and drive more high-quality traffic to your site.

    • Our Difference:
      Our approach to PPC is simple: No matter how much you spend, buy the most valuable traffic first. Our fanatical focus on earning you more money produces real results for our PPC advertising clients:
    • More Traffic:
      We build, tune and manage campaigns that consistently drive more traffic at the same or lower cost.
    • Better Traffic:
      We don't sacrifice quality for quantity. Our campaign setup and management strategies find more of the highly-qualified traffic that our clients really want.
    • Lower Costs:
      We're specialists in identifying and reducing wasteful PPC spending. There’s no reason to pay more per click or acquisition than you have to.
    • Higher Return:
      It's the high ROI our campaigns achieve that makes our clients look like rock stars to their boards and bosses. We build campaigns that are effective, efficient, and driven by business goals.
    • Fast Project Payback:
      Our Google AdWords Accelerator projects pay for themselves quickly, often within the first month.

    Depending on your needs, we will...

    • Build new campaign(s) from scratch
    • Restructure existing campaign(s)
    • Manage campaign(s) for maximum returns

    Do we use automated PPC bid management tools?
    The search engines make paid search easy enough for almost anyone to do, but to do it right takes experienced, human attention that understand the deep strategy, thought, and attention required. While some agencies are content to let campaigns run on autopilot, we use our minds first, technology second. Technology and automation are our tools, not our guides.Ready to get started with our Adwords Consulting Services?For a customized Google AdWords consulting services quote based on your specific needs please Request Information Online, contac us.

  • Google Analytics

    Google analytics is a goldmine for every business. We’ve all heard of the value of data, Google analytics is literally the epitome of relevant data at your fingertips, free and accessible to all! Google analytics shows you which advertising is the most effective for your business against a variety of metrics.
    By pulling various reports and presenting data in a tactical way we can work with you to form business objectives and strategies based on past performance and future projection.
    We can also help set-up and synchornise Google Analytics to measure campaign conversions for example setting up Pay Per Click and Social Media goals.
    For a monthly Google Analytics report which provides insights and analysis into your web traffic with opportunities and advice on implementing findings for better performance and increased profitability online, contact me now.
    The Google Analytics report will include (but is not limited to) performance analysis of the following areas:

    • Sources Overview Report:
      Where is your web traffic coming from, which area is the most profitable etc…
    • Landing Pages Report:
      Which landing pages are performing optimally, which landing pages require improvement, what factors on the landing pages are contributing to decreased performance? Etc…
    • Goals Report:
      Macro / micro goals analysis, what are your set goals and which goals are converting effectively, areas of profitability, room for improvement etc…
    • Conversion Funnel Report:
      What is the abandonment rate? Where in the funnel to users leave? Why? Upsell, cross sell opportunities etc…
    • Multi Channel Assisted Conversions Report:
      Which channels assist conversions? E.g. see PPC advert, research on Facebook and buy from site through Facebook link. Which channels are more like to lead to assisted conversions? Which channels need to work harder? Etc…
    • Mobile Devices Report:
      Percentage of web traffic viewing the site through mobile? Percentage buying through mobile? How are pages performing on mobile devices? Etc…
    • In Page Analytics Report:
      Understanding how consumers behave on your landing pages, which percentage click where and why? How we can optimise the site to work more effectively.
    • Location Report:
      Where is your traffic coming from in the UK and Internationally? This effects campaign targeting, content development, social startegies, SEO keywords etc…
    • Site Search Terms Report:
      What are the top keywords that users search on to get to the website? Is the coverage on the site for every single keyword? Which keywords have the highest and lowest conversion rates and why? Etc…
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pay per click

Our Pay Per Click Agency in London, drive costs down and increase conversions.

How do I Get Started?

Before we can deliver on our promises, we would like to understand your website’s specific needs and business objectives so that we can strategise how the PPC campaign would work for you. We will also look at your website, what your competition is doing and give practical suggestions on how we can raise your online presence. Thereafter, we will put together a holistic, cost effective package which ensures that we deliver on our promises and get objectives fulfilled.

What About Mobile?

More people are now accessing the internet through mobile devices rather than the PC. Therefore mobile PPC is very relevant. However, mobile users have different behaviour patterns when accessing the internet through mobile rather than PC. We understand the mobile “mindset” and our mobile PPC reflects this.

Contact our Pay Per Click Agency in London soon.

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